Tips for Finding Travel Nursing Jobs

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Where can I find travel nursing jobs?

Tips for Finding Travel Nursing Jobs

After making the decision to become a travel nurse, many professionals face the question, “Where are the jobs?” Fortunately, there are many ways to find travel nursing jobs: staffing agencies, networking and contacting hospital recruiters. Read on to learn tips for finding travel nursing jobs.

Network with nurses in your professional association. If you belong to the American Nursing Association, network with other professionals to learn about companies that hire travel nurses. Then refresh your resume and get in contact with the recruiter.

Talk with a travel nurse agency. Since these companies specialize in travel nursing, they can help you access positions that aren't available on mainstream job boards. Typically, you'll need to fill out an application, and the recruiter will contact you to talk about specific travel nursing jobs. One agency to consider is Clinical One.

Determine where you want to travel, and contact hospitals in that area. These institutions often are short-staffed and have openings for travel nurses.



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