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Where can I find traveling healthcare jobs?

Tips for Finding Traveling Healthcare Jobs

Job growth in the healthcare industry is expanding rapidly. To support these needs, many hospitals and private medical practices are hiring traveling healthcare professionals. Read on to learn how to find travel healthcare jobs.

Check out travel nursing. As a travel nurse, you'll have access to positions all over the country. Typically, these positions are open to registered nurses with a few years of experience in the nursing profession.

Therapy jobs. Hospitals and other medical organizations often are short on therapy staff. When looking for these positions, you can contact companies directly, or partner with a staffing company.

Contact a staffing firm. There are staffing firms, like Clinical One, that focus on traveling healthcare jobs. Typically, you'll be required to complete an application and interview with a recruiter to determine which positions will be a good fit. Then, the recruiter will connect you with hiring companies.

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