Tips for Creating a Physician Assistant Resume

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Where can I find physician assistant resume tips?

Tips for Creating a Physician Assistant Resume

If you've sent out numerous resumes, without any response, it's time to consider a resume refresh. Having a physician assistant resume that is “recruiter friendly” can help you land more interviews. Read on to learn tips for creating a physician assistant resume.

List your certifications first. Recruiters will appreciate your qualifications being in an easy-to-read location. List qualifications such as your physician assistant degree and state certification with your resume header.

Include accomplishments within the first two paragraphs of your resume. After your professional objective statement, make sure to list your accomplishments. When listing these items, brainstorm abilities and experience that is unique. This will keep your resume from appearing generic to recruiters.

Get a second opinion. Before sending out your resume, contact a staffing firm. Companies like Clinical One that specialize in filling physician assistant jobs can evaluate your qualifications and may be able to give tips for improvement. They can also help connect you with employers.



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