Determining your Physician Assistant Salary

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How can I determine my physician assistant salary?

Determining your Physician Assistant Salary

Whether you just graduated from college or have several years of experience, determining your physician assistant salary is important. This will give you the ability to negotiate the best compensation package available. Read on to learn tips for determining your physician assistant salary.

Evaluate the industry. When working in a physician assistant job, your salary will vary depending on the industry in which you work. For example, in a physician's office you'll earn approximately $74,160 annually, and an outpatient care facility will pay higher – about $80,960 each year.

Conduct a quick salary survey. Another factor in your compensation is geographic location. To determine salaries in your area, contact hospitals and local medical practices and ask for salary ranges.

Partner with a staffing firm. Companies like Clinical One can help you determine an appropriate salary based on your education and experience level. Plus, they can help you find a position that will meet both your income and career goals.



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