Occupational Therapist Interviews: Dressing for Success

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How should I dress for an occupational therapist job interview?

Occupational Therapist Interviews: Dressing for Success

Attending an occupational therapist interview is both exciting and stressful. A positive first impression can get the interview off on the right foot and even secure a second interview. Read on to learn tips for dressing for success.

Scope out the workplace. Some occupational therapist hiring managers are more formal, while others are relaxed. It's important to figure this information out before planning your interview wardrobe. If you're working with a staffing firm, they can help you determine appropriate work attire.

Plan your wardrobe. For most occupational therapist jobs, you'll need to wear a solid color conservative suit with coordinating shirt. Make sure your shoes are moderate in color and not distracting.

Limit jewelry and perfume. These items can be distracting and some environments are fragrance-free, due to patient or employee allergies. Limiting these items will ensure the hiring manager is focused on what you're saying, instead of your appearance.



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