Tips for Handling an Occupational Therapist Phone Interview

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How should I handle an occupational therapist job interview?

Tips for Handling an Occupational Therapist Phone Interview

When applying to occupational therapist jobs, landing a phone interview is a stepping stone towards securing the position. But before you start that interview, it's important to have a few tips.

Dress professionally. Even though a recruiter won't be able to see you, dressing professionally will make you more confident and ultimately, get you closer to an in-person interview.

Prepare your workspace. Your phone interview workspace should be free of distractions. Have your resume and a list of your accomplishments in plain sight.

Take your time answering questions. During your occupational therapist interview, make sure to take a couple of seconds before answering a question. This will allow your answers to be more concise, and avoid rambling on (which by the way, is a huge turnoff to recruiters).

Close the deal. When your interview is concluding, make sure to ask for an in-person interview. Discuss your enthusiasm for the occupational therapist job, and ask about the next step in the process.



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