Occupational Therapist Careers: Finding Continuing Education Opportunities

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Where can I find continuing education opportunities?

Occupational Therapist Careers: Finding Continuing Education Opportunities

As an occupational therapist, attending continuing education will help you advance your career and meet local licensing requirements. These opportunities range from understanding occupational therapy practices for young children to working with older adults with mental illness. Taking advantage of continuing education can also help you land future jobs. Read on to learn three ways to find continuing education opportunities.

Private Companies. There are private companies that offer continuing education opportunities for those with occupational therapist jobs. Check with your local professional organizations for recommendations that meet state requirements.

Professional Associations. Associations like The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) offer continuing education opportunities that may meet your state licensure renewal requirements.

Employer Sponsored Programs. Make sure to check with your employer for on-site programs. Sometimes large hospitals or facilities will offer these opportunities without the inconvenience of leaving your office building.



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