Tips for Finding Temporary Nursing Jobs

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How can I find a temporary nursing job?

Tips for Finding Temporary Nursing Jobs

Whether you want more flexibility, or need work while looking for full-time employment, temporary nursing is a great option. It allows you an opportunity to earn a nice wage while enjoying the flexibility of choosing what hours you're available. Read on to learn tips for finding temporary nursing jobs.

Partner with a staffing firm. Companies like Clinical One specialize in temporary nursing jobs, including per diem, travel, and contract positions. And since they already have relationships established with employers, it makes finding a job much easier.

Spread the word that you're interested in temporary positions. If you're involved in professional associations, network and ask about employers that hire temporary nurses. This will allow you to tap into unadvertised positions in your community.

Talk with hospital recruiters. These companies constantly hire temporary nurses, and having your information on file can help you land a position.

Talk about benefits. Just because the position is temporary doesn't mean you can't negotiate benefits. Ask if the company is willing to offer a health, dental, and vision plan while you're working.



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