Tips for Finding a Nurse Practitioner Program

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How can I find a nurse practitioner program?

Tips for Finding a Nurse Practitioner Program

With the aging population increasing, it's never been a better time to become a nurse practitioner. But once you've decide to launch this career, you'll need to complete a bachelor's in nursing and earn a nurse practitioner's master's degree. Read on to learn tips for finding a program.

Check out online directories. Companies like All Nursing Schools provide a free national directory of schools that offer nurse practitioner programs.

Contact your state nursing board. Your state nursing board is a great resource for finding nurse practitioner programs. They can provide you with a list of local programs, and verify if a program will qualify for licensure in your state.

Don't forget to connect with a staffing firm. Once you're close to graduation, partner with a staffing firm who specializes in nurse practitioner employment. Companies like have relationships already established with employers, and can help you connect with jobs that aren't available on traditional career boards.



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