Hospital Jobs: What to Know Before the Interview

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How can I have a better hospital interview?

Hospital Jobs: What to Know Before the Interview

Even in the best of circumstances, interviewing for hospital jobs can be stressful. With a short amount of time to put your best foot forward, it helps to have a few tips. Read on to learn some of the most important items to master, before the big day.

The first item to practice before the interview is your “about me pitch.” Typically the first few minutes of a hospital interview are dedicated to getting to know more about you. Make sure to practice this. Think about something interesting on your resume, qualifications, or anything that distinguishes you from other applicants. The important point to remember is keeping conversation light during this time.

Also, make sure to think about your goals before your interview. This question may come up, and it's important to address it directly. When figuring this out, think about your immediate objectives, and how those would benefit the hiring hospital.

And finally, don't forget to research the hospital thoroughly before the interview. This will help shape your interview responses to the hospital's mission, vision and other special needs.



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