Tips for Beating Travel Nursing Burnout

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How can I avoid travel nursing burnout?

Tips for Beating Travel Nursing Burnout

Whether you're new to travel nursing or have been in this field for years, at some point most professionals experience burnout. However, changing your approach to daily life can allow you to rejuvenate and minimize the chances of burnout.

Allow yourself a month off between assignments. This will allow you to relax a little before accepting a new travel nursing job. This way, you'll enter the new assignment totally refreshed – instead of burnt out.

Get away to visit family and friends. Living a long distance away from family and friends can take a toll. Get away for long weekends to catch up with family and friends. Also, check out events in your new community, which will allow you to meet new friends and avoid feeling isolated.

Explore new hobbies. When starting new jobs, check out your local community center. Take a pottery, art or other class that's interesting. This will allow you to refocus your energy and relax, which can combat burnout.



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