Popular Travel Nursing Destinations

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What are the most popular places to become a travel nurse?

Popular Travel Nursing Destinations

One of the largest benefits of travel nursing is the ability to travel to beautiful destinations all over the country. Focusing on which geographic locations interest you will allow recruiters to help you find positions that suit your interests. Read on to learn popular travel nursing destinations.

Check out Phoenix, Arizona. If you enjoy warm climates, ask your travel nurse agency about assignments in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a popular destination for many travel nurses.

Ask about popular California locations. Like many other states, California is feeling the effects of the nursing shortage. Popular locations for travel nursing positions include Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento.

Check out Hawaii positions. It's no surprise that travel nursing positions in Hawaii are in high demand. Although the competition may be tough for these positions, investing time in your resume and partnering with a recruiter like Clinical One can give you more access to jobs.



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