Tips for Preparing for a Travel Nurse Career

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How can I prepare for a travel nurse career?

Tips for Preparing for a Travel Nurse Career

For most professionals, transitioning into a travel nursing career can happen fairly quickly. That's why it's important to get the necessary information organized beforehand, which will prevent you from scrambling at the last minute. Read on to learn tips for preparing for a travel nurse career.

Tell your travel nurse agency how quickly you can accept an assignment. This will allow them to focus on positions that fit your needs, and allow you time to transition out of your current situation.

Get your licensing information in order. Depending on the location of your travel nursing assignment, you may need to get a temporary nursing license. Talk with your staffing firm about where you'll accept assignments, and take care of these requirements before hand.

Take care of housing. Many travel nursing assignments will provide free or low-cost housing. When applying to travel nurse jobs talk about these benefits ahead of time. You can always decide to only choose assignments that handle housing arrangements.



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