Tips for Completing your Travel Nurse Application

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Where can I find travel nurse application tips?

Tips for Completing your Travel Nurse Application

Travel nursing has become a popular field because of its many perks. But with recruiters receiving hundreds of applications, it's important to make your nursing application stand out. Read on to learn tips for completing your travel nurse applications.

Don't be tempted to fill out your travel nurse application by hand. If you're working with a travel nurse agency like Clinical One, ask if the application is available in electronic format. Then type in your information and print the form.

Attach letters of recommendation. If you've successfully completed other travel nursing positions, attach letters from previous supervisors. Or, if you just graduated from nursing school, attach a couple glowing letters of recommendation from professors.

Include your resume. Even if a hiring company doesn't request a resume, include it with your application packet. Your resume will give you more space to call out any impressive accomplishments or responsibilities.



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