Travel Nurse Resume Basics

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Where can I find travel nurse resume tips?

Travel Nurse Resume Basics

Travel nursing offers attractive compensation and the ability to travel all over the country. But to land one of these positions, it's important to invest time in your resume. Read on to learn a few tips for creating a recruiter-friendly resume.

Make your credentials easy to read. When creating a travel nurse resume, it's important that licensure information is located with the resume header. This will allow recruiters to easily see what states you are licensed to work in before diving into the rest of your resume.

Include a summary statement that highlights your most impressive accomplishments. Stay away from phrases like “duties include...”; they are generic and won't set you apart from other candidates. Instead, focus on accomplishments that produced results.

Get a second opinion. If you haven't already, consider partnering with a staffing firm such as Clinical One that specializes in travel nurse jobs. They can review your travel nurse resume, and give you feedback for making it more attractive to prospective employers.



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