Preparing for a Physician Assistant Interview

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How should I prepare for a physician assistant interview?

Preparing for a Physician Assistant Interview

Landing an interview for a physician assistant job is exciting. But actually attending the interview can be nerve-racking. Taking the time to prepare for the interview will make you seem more knowledgeable and like a natural fit for the position. Read on to learn interview tips that can help land jobs:

Learn buzz words in the industry. If you're applying to a new sector, talk with physician assistants in that industry to learn the lingo. This will make you appear more knowledgeable in the interview.

Research the hospital or medical practice. Having a solid understanding about the practice will earn you points in the interview. Learn about the doctors, when the practice was established and their philosophy for treating patients.

Be prepared to talk about your grades. If you just graduated from college, be prepared to discuss your academic track record. This is your opportunity to showcase your enthusiasm for the career you've chosen, and win the hiring physician over.



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