Physician Assistant Jobs: Resume Mistakes to Avoid

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What are common resume mistakes?

Physician Assistant Jobs: Resume Mistakes to Avoid

A recruiter screening for physician assistant jobs doesn't have time to read entire resumes. They often skim the document, and if they see something they like, they read further. That's why it's essential to avoid common resume mistakes. Read on to learn three mistakes to avoid.

Resume is unfocused. With only seconds to make a case for your candidacy, your resume can't afford to be unfocused. Make sure to customize the resume to the specific industry for which you're applying. For example, when applying to jobs in a pediatric setting, focus on your experience working with children.

Resume is duty-driven. Have you ever used the phrase, “Duties include diagnosing and treating patients”? If so, stop right away. Instead, make sure your resume is accomplishment-driven. For example, discuss how you made the practice more efficient or developed tools to enhance patient care.

Resume that doesn't focus on the reader. When writing your resume, make sure to think about the hiring manager every step of the way. For example, put your most impressive accomplishments in the first ¼ of the page. This will entice them to read further.



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