Choosing a Physician Assistant Specialty

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Should I choose a physician assistant specialty?

Choosing a Physician Assistant Specialty

According to the Bureau of Statistics, physician assistant job growth is expected to double in the future. These professionals have many career opportunities, from working with children to preparing patients for surgery. Read on to learn three popular specialties:

Pediatrics. These professionals work under a pediatrician and handle most of the same responsibilities as the doctor, but under the supervision of the doctor. Tasks typically include physical exams, lab testing and developing treatment plans.

Occupation Medicine. These professionals work in occupational medicine offices with a variety of patients. These offices typically require physician assistants to have some background in family practice or orthopedics.

Surgery. Although this specialty is competitive, those focusing on working in a surgery environment often experience rewarding careers. Tasks will typically include preparing patients for operations and performing the admission and discharging of patients.



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