Tips for Getting Certified as a Physician Assistant

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How can I get licensed as a physician assistant?

Tips for Getting Certified as a Physician Assistant

Once you've graduated from a physician assistant program, you'll need to secure licensure before practicing in your state. In most states, this process is overseen by the State Medical Board, which typically requires a completed application packet and verification materials. Read on to learn tips for getting certified as a physician assistant.

Get your information in order. The first step in becoming certified is to gather important information such as verification of education, exam history and any criminal background information that may be required.

Make sure you have a supervising physician. Although each state is different, many require that you have a supervising physician that is in good standing with the board, before granting certification. If you just graduated from a physician assistant program, talk with your college about how to achieve this.

Contact your state's medical board. Most have an application for licensure that is available online. You can expect to pay about $300 or more for licensure, and processing can take up to a month in some states.

Once you've secured a license in your state, contact a staffing firm like Clinical One. Since they already have relationships established with employers, they can help you secure physician assistant jobs.



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