Physical Therapist Job Interviews: Mistakes to Avoid

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What are common interview mistakes for physical therapists?

Physical Therapist Job Interviews: Mistakes to Avoid

After attending a few dead-end interviews, many physical therapist job candidates often wonder: why haven't I gotten a second interview? If you ask an experienced recruiter, they'll point you to four mistakes that can seal your fate. Read on to learn mistakes to avoid when attending physical therapy employment interviews.

Don't “wing it.” When you were in college, did you ever give a presentation without preparing? If so, you know why “winging it” is a recipe for disaster. Practice with a close friend before the interview to iron out responses. This will make you appear more polished.

Don't forget to make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. In your interview, you'll be asked about these attributes. Focus on your ability to create an effective treatment plan, and give examples of how you motivate patients.

Don't talk too much. Talking too much, or too little, can be a deal-breaker for hiring managers. This can be avoided if you spend adequate time preparing and making answers direct and concise.

Don't ask about compensation or benefits on the first interview. Save these issues for later in the interview process.

Don't forget to ask for the job. Once the interview is complete, restate your interest in the position and ask about the next step.



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