Tips for a Better Physical Therapy Interview

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How can I give a better physical therapy interview?

Tips for a Better Physical Therapy Interview

Preparing for a physical therapist interview can be nerve-racking. Although you'll never know exactly what the hiring manager will ask (unless you have an inside connection), demonstrating a few skills can give you a leg up on the competition. Read on to learn tips for giving a better interview for positions.

Focus on your ability to teach. Hiring managers will appreciate examples you can provide that demonstrate your ability to create treatment plans and teach patients how to implement changes in their daily routine.

Demonstrate your willingness to work on a team. Physical therapist jobs often involve working in a team environment. Make sure to think of examples ahead of time that showcase your ability to work in this type of environment.

Tell stories that show off your ability to motivate the patient. Unfortunately, a physical therapist can't be with the patient all of the time; patient participation is important. Giving concrete examples of how you motivated the patient to actively participate in their recovery efforts will give you an advantage.



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