Tips for Writing a Better Physical Therapist Cover Letter

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How can I create a better physical therapist cover letter?

Tips for Writing a Better Physical Therapist Cover Letter

Even if a physical therapist job application doesn't require it, writing a cover letter can score brownie points with the recruiter. It allows them to learn more about you before diving into your resume. Read on to learn tips for writing a better physical therapist cover letter.

Choose the right paper. If you select a simple white or cream, your resume may blend in with other candidates. Instead, select a different color while still keeping it professional.

Get to the point. When applying to physical therapist jobs, recruiters may receive hundreds of applicants each day, and they aren't all for physical therapist positions. Make sure to state which position you're applying for first.

Focus on your qualifications. Most recruiters don't have time to read a lengthy biography about your career. Instead, make a concise list of qualifications to include in the cover letter. These highlights should be tailored to the specific physical therapist job you're applying to.

Don't forget to discuss treatment plans. As a physical therapist, a large chunk of your work is based on the success of treatment plans. Make sure to highlight these successes in the letter.

Call out special qualifications. When writing your cover letter, try to think like a recruiter: what makes you special? Stay away from anything generic, and focus on unique attributes that you bring to the table.



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