Physical Therapist Jobs: The Fastest Growing Sector

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Where can I earn the highest wage for physical therapy work?

Physical Therapist Jobs: The Fastest Growing Sector

Although most physical therapists earn a generous wage, there is one sector that is consistently at the top of the pay scale - Home Health Care Services. With a growing aging population, this sector is experiencing rapid growth. Read on to learn three tips for determining if this sector is right for you.

Get prepared to travel. As a home health care physical therapist, you'll be required to see up to six patients daily. If you work in a metropolitan area, patients may be located close together, while rural areas may require more travel.

Make sure you're comfortable working with the elderly. Those providing home health care will primarily be treating elderly patients. You can expect to see patients with hip replacement, knee replacement or arthritis.

Be creative in your treatment plants. Physical therapists in this sector are working towards making the elderly more functional and comfortable in their daily lives. Treatment plans that incorporate daily tasks will yield better results.

If you're interested in home health care services, partner with a staffing firm that specializes in this area. Companies like Clinical One already have relationships established with employers, making it easier to land employment.



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