Tips for Getting an Advanced Physical Therapy Degree

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Should I earn an advanced degree in physical therapy?

Tips for Getting an Advanced Physical Therapy Degree

Earning your physical therapist degree is an exciting accomplishment. But many professionals are left wondering, “What's next?” Continuing your education doesn't just bring opportunities for advancement, it also provides more income potential. Those earning masters and doctorates of physical therapy can increase salaries by tens of thousands of dollars each year. Read on to learn how earning an advanced degree can help your physical therapy employment opportunities.

Transitional Master's in Physical Therapy. This program helps physical therapists with a bachelor's degree earn their master's without repeating any previous curriculum. Most programs will take about 2 years to complete, and your income can jump up to $80,000 annually.

Transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy. This degree allows those with both a bachelor's and master's degree in physical therapy to earn a doctorate. Most programs will take 3-4 years to complete. With this degree, you can also expect to earn up to $7,000 more than a professional with a master's degree.

And remember, don't forget to check with your state before enrolling in a program. If the course isn't approved by your state, it could compromise your ability to use the credentials.

And finally, partner with a staffing firm to secure employment. Companies like Clinical One specialize in physical therapist jobs, giving you greater access to job opportunities.



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