Physical Therapist Jobs: Top 3 Places to Find Jobs

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Where can I find physical therapist jobs?

Physical Therapist Jobs: Top 3 Places to Find Jobs

Whether you just graduated from college or have been practicing physical therapy for years, you may be wondering, “Where are good places to look for jobs?” Although trolling mainstream career boards may uncover a few jobs, tapping into unadvertised positions is much easier. Read on to learn the top three places to find physical therapy jobs.

Home Health Care Facilities. These companies hire physical therapists regularly, and typically pay about $70,920 annually.

Physician's Offices. Sometimes private practices will hire physical therapists to offer complimentary services. For example, an occupational and speech therapist and audiologists may work with physical therapists. You can expect to earn about $65,000 in these positions.

Medical Hospitals. Check with local medical hospitals for physical therapy employment. They often recruit these professionals, and pay about $66,000 annually.

Also, consider partnering with a staffing firm like Clinical One. Since they already have relationships established with employers, it makes finding physical therapy employment much easier.



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