Travel Healthcare Jobs: Common Mistakes

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What are common travel healthcare job search mistakes?

Travel Healthcare Jobs: Common Mistakes

If you're new to travel healthcare jobs, there's a lot to learn. For example, while most healthcare professionals pay their own rent, travel healthcare workers often get employer-sponsored housing. Understanding these items before launching your travel healthcare career will ensure you maximize your compensation package.

Don't forget to negotiate your housing arrangements. In most cases, the employer is willing to pay for your housing, including providing basic a basic furniture package and basic utilities. Make sure to work with your staffing firm to negotiate these terms.

Ask about sign-on bonuses. Some companies will provide bonuses for signing on or completing your first travel healthcare assignment. When comparing job offers, make sure to ask about these perks.

Don't commit to a long assignment if you're new to travel healthcare. Instead, tell your recruiter you're interested in positions that last a few months, allowing you exposure to life as a travel healthcare professional.

Also, make sure to talk with a healthcare staffing firm like Clinical One. Since they specialize in travel healthcare jobs, they can provide access to a wider variety of positions.



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