Tips for Breaking into Healthcare Management

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How can I become a healthcare manager?

Tips for Breaking into Healthcare Management

Healthcare management jobs are on the rise, with a jump of 30% between 1996-2006. And in the future, the growth is expected to continue. Those interested in this profession will need to get the required education and skills to land a position. Read on to learn tips for breaking into healthcare management.

Get an advanced degree in healthcare management. Although it's possible to get into healthcare management with a bachelor's degree, a master's degree in healthcare management will expand your opportunities and income potential.

Network with local hospitals. The majority of healthcare management positions are with hospitals, which makes networking with these professionals important. If you don't currently work in a hospital, get involved with your local professional organizations to get networks on the inside of these organizations.

Make contact with a healthcare staffing firm. These companies specialize in placing healthcare management professionals, which makes it easier to land a position. And if you need more experience, they can place you in positions to help you get that experience.



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