Salaries for Jobs in Healthcare Administration

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How much do jobs in healthcare administration pay?

Salaries for Jobs in Healthcare Administration

Whether you've been in healthcare administration for years or are interested in exploring a new career, understanding salary information is important. Understanding what employers pay in your local market will help position yourself better for compensation negotiations.

Education level. Those with a bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration can expect to earn about $72,166 annually, while those with a Master of Science Degree can expect to earn $101,170 annually.

Geographic location. Your salary will also depend on your geographic location. To determine how much your market pays, contact human resources departments in your area and request an informal salary survey for jobs in healthcare administration.

Experience level. Those with 10-20 years of experience in healthcare administration jobs can expect to earn higher salaries than those who are relatively new to the position.

When looking for jobs in healthcare administration, consider contacting staffing companies that specialize in healthcare administration. Staffing firms like Clinical One one already have relationships established with employers, and can help you find positions that meet your income and career goals.



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