Places to Find Healthcare Temp Jobs

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Where can I find healthcare temp jobs?

Places to Find Healthcare Temp Jobs

Whether you're looking for temp-to-hire positions or temporary healthcare jobs that fit your scheduling needs, it helps to have a few options to consider before making that big decision. Here are a few types of medical facilities that often hire temporary healthcare employees:

Offices of physicians. These employers routinely hire temporary help for nursing, clerical and medical assistant jobs.

Medical and diagnostic laboratories. These employers often hire lab technicians and other healthcare professionals to assist during busy times.

General and psychiatric hospitals. Both of these hospitals often need temporary help during times of increased volume or staffing shortages.

Insurance Companies. People don't often think of an insurance company as a corporation that would need healthcare employees. But when it comes time to review medical records for insurance claims a nursing professional is often needed.

A healthcare staffing firm like Clinical One that specializes in healthcare temp jobs can help you in your search. Since they already have relationships established with employers, they can help you find jobs much quicker. And, you'll get access to temporary jobs that aren't available on traditional job boards.



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