Occupational Therapists: Tips for Advancing your Career

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How can an occupational therapist advance their career?

Occupational Therapists: Tips for Advancing your Career

After working as an occupational therapist for several years, professionals might wonder, “What advancement opportunities are available?” This profession provides two main opportunities for advancement: supervisory roles and specialization. Read on to learn more about these areas.

Moving into management. After you've worked at an organization for a couple years, ask about moving into management. Even if there aren't any positions available, your manager can get you the continuing education needed to advance your career.

Specializing in your career. Another opportunity for advancement is choosing a specialty. For example, you might decide to exclusively work with creating workspaces that are ergonomic or working with children with special disabilities.

If you're considering advancing your career, partner with a staffing firm. There are specialized companies like Clinical One that can help you find employers who have more opportunities for jobs in supervisory or specialist positions.



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