Occupational Therapy Jobs: Embarrassing Interview Blunders to Avoid

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What are common occupational therapist interview mistakes?

Occupational Therapy Jobs: Embarrassing Interview Blunders to Avoid

Getting an interview for an occupational therapist job is exciting. But after you've heard the big news, it's time to hunker down and prepare for the big day. Read on to learn three interview blunders to avoid. Side-stepping these mistakes might just save you embarrassment when interviewing for jobs.

Wearing too much jewelry, perfume or makeup. During an interview, it's important to ensure the hiring manager is listening to what you're saying. These distractions can prevent the hiring manager from taking you seriously.

Not practicing for the interview. There are some basic interview questions an occupational therapist will be asked: how to develop a patient treatment plan, strengths and weaknesses and how you contributed to your former company. Get familiar with what you have to offer to the organization and highlight those points.

Giving lengthy responses to questions. The phrase “more is better” doesn't apply to answering interview questions. Before answering a question, take a minute and formulate your response. This will allow you to be more concise when answering.



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