Tips for Finding Occupational Therapist Jobs

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Where can I find occupational therapist jobs?

Tips for Finding Occupational Therapist Jobs

Occupational therapists have many different career options. When looking for jobs, it's important to focus on sectors that interest you most. This allows you to target companies directly and will increase your job satisfaction. Read on to learn tips for finding occupational therapist jobs.

Nursing Care Facilities. With a large aging population, these facilities are constantly hiring for occupational therapists. Even if a local company isn't hiring, send your application for review. This may allow you access to positions, before they're posted on career boards.

Private practices. Occupational therapists often will be in offices with physician therapists and speech therapists. If you enjoy working in a small community, target these offices.

Local hospitals. Hospitals are another major employer of occupational therapists. Contact a hospital recruiter and send over your resume.

School districts. If you enjoy working with children, check out occupational therapy jobs in elementary and secondary schools.



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