Occupational Therapist Jobs: Determining your Salary Range

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How much do occupational therapists earn?

Occupational Therapist Jobs: Determining your Salary Range

Occupational therapists earn a generous wage, typically from about $50,213-$61,233 annually. However, determining where you fit into the salary range is important. Having this information ironed out before getting a job offer will ensure you're better prepared to negotiate. Read on to learn tips for determining your salary range.

Experience level. According to payscale.com, entry-level occupational therapists will earn approximately $50,213 annually. Those with 5-20 years of experience will earn $56,506-$61,233 annually.

Employment sector. Those working in franchises typically earn the least, at about $48,000 annually. Those with occupational therapist jobs in school districts or hospitals often earn a higher wage, about $52,129-$55,482 annually.

Geographic location. Geographic location also plays a major role in your salary range. For example, jobs in California typically pay higher than positions in Boston.

When looking for occupational therapy employment, make sure to partner with a staffing firm like Clinical Once. They work closely with hiring employers and can help you find positions that meet both your income and career goals.



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