Rhode Island Nursing Jobs: Tips for Networking

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How can I find more Rhode Island Nursing jobs?

Rhode Island Nursing Jobs: Tips for Networking

If you talk with most career experts, they'll tell you that networking is key when looking for a new job. Registered nurses have many opportunities to network, through associations and talking with staffing firms. Read on to learn tips for landing Rhode Island nursing jobs through networking.

Join local associations. Local nursing associations, like the Rhode Island State Nurses Association (RISNA), can help you get the inside track on jobs. Dues will cost you about $265 annually, but will provide access to continuing education and networking opportunities.

Volunteer on peer review approval groups. The RISNA recruits volunteers to serve on their peer review approval group each year. In this position, you'll be charged with reviewing educational programs. One of the perks to this opportunity is you'll get access to a free educational program each year. Plus, you'll get to network with other registered nurses and hiring managers.

Get involved with a staffing firm. Companies like Clinical One already have relationships established with Rhode Island employers. This will allow you access to jobs that aren't available other places.



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