Mastering Nursing Interview Questions

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What are possible nursing interview questions?

Mastering Nursing Interview Questions

Securing a nursing interview is an exciting accomplishment. However, it is often a very stressful event. Preparation can make the interview process go smoothly, allowing you to put your best foot forward. Read on to learn tips for mastering interview questions.

Handling pressure. You can expect to be asked questions that gauge your ability to handle pressure. Be prepared to give specific examples of situations that required you to deal with managing stressful situations.

Explain gaps in employment. If you have gaps on your nursing resume, you will be expected to provide a brief explanation. Make sure to bring the discussion back to your track record and accomplishments.

Discuss why you want to work at the facility. Hiring managers will ask you the question, “Why do you want to work at our organization?” This is your chance to showcase that you've done your homework on the facility. Discuss what you like about their mission and how they're dedicated to patients.

Don't forget to talk with a staffing firm like Clinical One. Since they understand the employer's hiring needs, they can give you interviewing tips.



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