Tips for Finding Rhode Island Nursing Jobs

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How can I find Rhode Island Nursing Jobs?

Tips for Finding Rhode Island Nursing Jobs

Because of the nursing shortage, job opportunities in Rhode Island are increasing for nurses. However, to access a larger variety of positions, it helps to have a few tips. Read on to learn tips for finding Rhode Island nursing jobs.

Check with school districts. Rhode Island school districts often hire registered nurses to attend to students with special medical conditions, like seizures. These nurses typically work early shifts, about 8 am -2:30 pm.

Contact Rhode Island hospital recruiters directly. Since hospitals in the Rhode Island area hire nurses frequently, establishing relationships with recruiters will help you find jobs quicker. Send your resume the HR departments, even if they don't have a position available. This may allow you access to unadvertised positions.

Talk with staffing firms. Companies that specialize in Rhode Island general nursing, like Clinical One, often have access to positions that aren't available other places. They can also help you find positions that are flexible and fit your lifestyle.



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