Top Places to Find Permanent Nursing Jobs

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How can I find permanent nursing jobs?

Top Places to Find Permanent Nursing Jobs

When graduating from college, many nurses are seeking their first permanent position. Fortunately, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for nurses is growing faster than average, which makes finding a job quicker than other occupations in most cases. But it's still helpful to have a few tips on where to find permanent nursing jobs.

Physician Offices. In these nursing positions, you'll be responsible for partnering with the doctor to provide patient care and treatment plans. Typically, these professionals earn about $53,800 annually.

Medical Hospitals. At hospitals, nurses can expect to be involved in a variety of work, including working in an emergency room or preparing patients for surgery. Hospital nursing positions pay about $58,550 annually.

Nursing Care Facilities. With a sharp rise in the aging population, the demand for professionals in nursing care facilities is increasing. Typically, these individuals handle the daily needs of the elderly or individuals that need extra care. Nurses in this sector earn about $52,490 annually.

And remember, when looking for permanent nursing jobs, make sure to partner with a staffing firm. Companies like Clinical One specialize in permanent nursing jobs, making it much easier to find a position.



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