Nurse Practitioner Interviewing Tips: Avoiding Common Mistakes

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How can I avoid common interview mistakes?

Nurse Practitioner Interviewing Tips: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Before attending an interview for nurse practitioner employment, make sure to brush up on interview basics. With only seconds to make a first impression, a single mistake could cost you the job.

Dressing inappropriately. Most nurse practitioners dress casually at work, but doing so in an interview may cost you the job. If you have internal contacts, ask for advice about what would be appropriate. And when all else fails, you can never go wrong by wearing a suit.

Phone interviews. If you are being interviewed over the phone, which is often the case for travel healthcare positions or contract positions, be sure to call from a quiet location where there will be no interruptions or back ground noise. Never, ever call from your car while driving.

Talking negatively about a previous manager. According to “Top 10 Interview Mistakes,” highlighted at, managers say that badmouthing accounts for 48% of the worst interview mistakes. So, when interviewing for nurse practitioner jobs, make sure to focus on the positives regarding previous managers and positions.

Attending the interview unprepared. Attending an interview without any background knowledge regarding the facility or position is a huge mistake. Ask for a job description ahead of time so that you can focus on experiences that are closely related to the employers' needs.



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