Tips for Creating a Nurse Practitioner Resume

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How can I find tips for creating a nurse practitioner resume?

Tips for Creating a Nurse Practitioner Resume

With hundreds of applicants, nurse recruiters often have seconds to skim your nurse practitioner resume. This makes the placement of important components such as, accomplishments, credentials and professional affiliations more important then ever.

Include accreditation and certifications directly after the header. Since this information is important to recruiters, it allows them the ability to quickly glance at the information, before diving into the meat of your resume.

List your most impressive qualifications in the first third of the page. If you bury them any deeper then this, the recruiter may pass them by when reading the resume.

Don't underestimate the importance of professional organizations. Showing your involvement in these organizations demonstrates your ability to work as a team, and commitment to the profession.

Also, if you've graduated recently, don't forget to include internship experience. If the experience closely matches the job qualifications, this could help you get the position.



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