Hospital Jobs: Cover Letter Tips

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How can I create a better cover letter?

Hospital Jobs: Cover Letter Tips

If you aren't looking forward to writing a cover letter, you aren't alone. Many professionals applying to hospital jobs struggle with creating this document. And since it's literally your first impression with the employer, it's important to make every word count. Read on to learn tips for creating a better cover letter.

When creating your cover letter, skip a lengthy introduction. Instead, include the logistics first (the position you're apply to and how you learned about it). Since hospital recruiters read hundreds of resumes each day, having this information upfront will earn you points.

After you've gotten the technical information out of the way, it's time to dive into the meat of the cover letter. This is your opportunity to tell the hospital job recruiter why you're right for the job. For example, a registered nurse might outline an internship she completed in college in a hospital ER, or a previous job that required similar skills.

And finally, include a call to action. This is your last chance to close the deal for an interview. In this paragraph, focus on why your skills are a good match for the position, and outline your contact information.



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