Hospital Jobs: Prospecting Skills

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How can I find more hospital jobs?

Hospital Jobs: Prospecting Skills

Applying to hospital jobs on mainstream career boards can be discouraging. With hundreds, and even thousands of applicants, landing an interview can be a struggle. But, bringing a little creatively to your job search has big rewards. Read on to learn how to use an age old sales strategy in your job search, “prospecting.”

Visit your local library. The public library has a wealth of information for those interested in a hospital job, like the “Hospital Blue Book.” This handy little book contains a comprehensive listing of all hospitals across the country, approximately 6,500 to date. You'll also find out how many beds they have, which can indicate the facility's hiring needs.

Cold call a recruiter. Once you've narrowed down your prospect list, it's time to dust off your resume and contact the facility's human resources department. And if they aren't hiring, don't worry. Instead, send your resume and follow up periodically. This will allow you to be considered for jobs, before they're even posted.

Contact a staffing firm who specializes in hospital jobs. Staffing companies already have relationships established with employers. Letting a staffing firm know your career goals, and which employers you're interested in, will provide you better access to future job openings.



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