Hospital Jobs: Getting Ahead of the Competition

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How can I land a hospital job quicker?

Hospital Jobs: Getting Ahead of the Competition

If you've applied to dozens of jobs without any response, it's time for a few simple tricks to redeem your resume from the “maybe” pile. Simple actions like working your network and refreshing your resume can make a huge difference.

The first step in getting ahead of the competition is to maximize your networking opportunities. If you belong to professional organizations, brainstorm contacts you have that work for the hiring hospital. Then, contact those individuals and ask if they're willing to personally hand in your resume.

Also, don't forget to refresh your resume before handing it over. A recruiter will spend seconds on a resume, making a first impression more important than ever. A quick trick to catching the reader's attention, is putting your most impressive accomplishments in the first paragraph of the page.

And finally, don't forget to partner with a recruiting firm like Companies that are highly specialized in helping candidates find hospital jobs have access to positions that aren't available on mainstream job boards.



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