Best Paying Hospital Jobs

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Which hospital jobs have high income potential?

Best Paying Hospital Jobs

Even during the toughest economic times, healthcare is an industry that continues to hire a variety of professionals. But if you haven't chosen a career path yet, consider looking into five of the best paying hospital jobs.

Hospital Surgeons. At the top of the income scale are surgeons, typically making as much as $200,000 annually. To become a surgeon, a person much earn a bachelor's degree, complete medical school, and complete a hospital residency.

Hospital Nurses. The demand for nurses continues to be on the rise. These professionals can earn $50,000 or more annually. If a nurse earns a Master's degree, they can typically qualify to earn another $20,000 or more annually.

Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). These professionals are some of the highest paid hospital nurses, earning $100,000 or more annually. Although, this field can be very competitive.

Physical Therapists. When applying for hospital jobs as a physical therapist, you can expect to earn $50,000 or more annually. Those who focus on highly specialized areas, such as becoming a respiratory therapist, can expect to earn $75,000 or more annually.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists. These technologists work in a hospital setting administering dyes into patients to determine if damage has occurred inside of the organs. In this profession, you can expect to earn $57,000 or more annually.



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