Hospital Job Outlook: 5 Careers with Growing Demand

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What types of hospital jobs are experiencing growth?

Hospital Job Outlook: 5 Careers with Growing Demand

With the aging population on the rise, hospital jobs are booming, even when other sectors are facing cuts. If you haven't decided which career path to take yet, consider five hospital jobs that are increasing employment by at least 20% by 2016.

Registered Nurse. Registered nurses work alongside doctors to implement patient treatment plans, and ensure comfort while staying at the hospital. With more then 587,000 new jobs anticipated by 2016, the demand for registered nurses is on the rise.

Medical Assistant. Medical assistants in a hospital environment can expect to room patients and manage administrative and clinical tasks to support the patient plan of action. Job growth for this occupation is expected to increase 27% by 2016.

Pharmacy Technician. These individuals assistant pharmacists with providing medication to hospital patients. Job security is strong, with job growth reaching 27% by 2016.

Medical Records Technician. This hospital job will entail maintaining thousands, and even millions of healthcare documents including: x-rays, lab tests, and treatment plans. Job growth should reach 27% by 2016.

Physical Therapist. As a physical therapist, you will work with a variety of patients, from small children to the elderly. And as the population ages, this occupation is expected to grow 27% by 2016.



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