5 Ways to Find Hospital Job Openings

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How can I find hospital jobs?

5 Ways to Find Hospital Job Openings

Whether you are just starting your job search, or have been at it for months, it helps to have a few tips. Using a multi-pronged approach to landing hospital jobs can expedite the time it takes to find the right job.

Social Networking. The internet has opened up new and creative ways for hospital workers to network. Social networking sites like Facebook allow you access to groups specific to your industry, online recommendations, and provide the ability to tap into unadvertised hospital positions.

Direct marketing to recruiters. Get creative and generate a marketing campaign of your own for hospital work. Freshen up your resume, and then contact recruiters at staffing agencies to set-up informational meetings. Even if they don't have positions right away, making a contact will serve you well in the future.

Look for similar positions. When a job position is formally posted, you may have hundreds, and even thousands of competitors. However, finding unadvertised positions will narrow the competition, and ultimately make landing a job much easier. For example, instead of looking for nurse practitioner positions, look for lab tech, physician and other hospital related jobs. Then, contact the recruiter and ask if they're hiring for nurse practitioners in the near future.

Taking advantage of professional organizations. Join local professional organizations to make contacts in your community. Make sure to keep active in the organization, that way, when you're ready to find a new job, contacts are only a quick phone call away.

Partner with a staffing firm. And finally, don't forget to partner with a staffing firm. Companies like Clinical One can help you find positions that aren't available on traditional job boards.



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