How can I become a nurse practitioner?

Tips for Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

During the 1960s, the nation had a physician shortage, which created the position of “Nurse Practitioner.” These professionals provide care very similar to physicians, diagnosing and treating conditions. Currently, the demand for Nurse Practitioners is on the rise, and these individuals earn a generous wage, about $86,486 annually according to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (2009). Read on to learn tips for becoming a nurse practitioner.

Get a bachelor's degree. The first step in becoming a Nurse Practitioner is earning a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Most students earn their registered nursing destination, and then practice for a few years before entering a nurse practitioner program.

Apply to Master's Programs. After you have a few years of experience under your belt, apply to a Master's Degree in Nursing. During this course of study, you'll learn how to diagnosis and care for patients in more detail than undergraduate programs. These programs typically last about two years, on a full-time track.

Get licensed with your state. Once you've completed your Master's degree, contact your state's Board of Nursing to get licensed. Most states require that applicants pass a state administered exam and have several years of nursing experience before earning a nurse practitioner licensure.

Also, don't forget to partner with a recruiting firm like Since staffing firms already have relationships established with employers, they can making it much easier to land nurse practitioner jobs.

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